Arizona Motors Snowflake Family Legacy Continues with New Owner

Since the time Gerald Hatch and his wife Ruth started the legacy behind Arizona Motors many years ago, their automotive mission has always revolved around serving and satisfying nearby Arizona communities. The ongoing devotion they've had toward the community has created a ripple effect that has continued since their departure in 2012. Now, the thriving, customer-first business will move forward with Robb Hatch as the new owner. His early involvement in the Hatch family legacy and a third generation in the automotive industry proves he's up to the task.

The new ownership will impact all three Arizona Motors dealerships: Show Low, Stafford, and, of course, Snowflake. Growing up, Robb Hatch watched and absorbed how Gerald and Ruth Hatch ran the company. He witnessed the compassion, transparency, and courtesy expressed to every new and returning customer who arrived at their Snowflake dealership seeking out a better method of transportation. Having a genuine hometown feel was crucial to the Hatch family. The authenticity it brought to the business made customers feel at ease and appreciated each time they visited.

Other members of the Hatch family described Robb Hatch as a peacemaker who gladly made sacrifices, but who also had a competitive spirit of someone who proactively planned to achieve success. All these positive traits will influence his new role. Keeping Arizona Motors within the Hatch family is how it should be because it will continue to allow the business to promote that same level of customer service as before. With what he learned from observing his family, Robb Hatch will ensure that those who make the long trips to visit will be well taken care of in the time they spend here.

From the robust, multi-brand inventory over to the qualified technicians staffing the service center, everything you know and love about Arizona Motors will remain the same under the change of ownership. You will have a steady, streamlined process of scoring a great deal on your next car, truck or SUV. You'll also still enjoy the service-with-a-smile mentality that the Hatch family has and will always strive to fulfill. Contact Arizona Motors Snowflake if you'd like to schedule a visit - or drop by at your convenience!

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