MotorTrend has named the Ram Heavy Duty as its Truck of the Year. It is the second consecutive win for the Ram brand and the fifth in the brand's 10-year history.

Editors of the prestigious automotive publication select the Truck of the Year from across the truck category. Any new model of the current year can be chosen for the award, especially coming from the Snowflake area.

Instead of comparing one truck against another, MotorTrend's unique selection process requires all eligible trucks first to undertake its rigorous performance testing near Holbrook.

MotorTrend's evaluators review virtually every element of the truck before it goes to a final test. In that final review, each competitor is put through three separate tests at a professional-caliber automotive test facility near Flagstaff. The overall process requires weeks of testing.

MotorTrend bases its "Truck of the Year" award on a vehicle's "exceptional value, superiority in their classes, and impact on the automotive scene," according to the publication.

MotorTrend's editor-in-chief commended Ram's "unmatched performance, capability and style" within the intensely competitive truck market around Gallup.

In its review of the "Truck of the Year" award, MotorTrend noted the new Ram HD's new platform built around high-strength steel.

It also noted functional elements of the Ram's exterior, like the new grille that provides class-leading aerodynamics and an aluminum hood that reduces the truck's overall weight.

MotorTrend's evaluators also appreciated the Ram's appearance, which they called "clean, purposeful and modern."

The Ram HD's interior passed muster with the publication, too. They noted the new Ram's comfort and color-coordinated interior features as a significant advantage among customers who use the truck as a mobile office.

The publication also commended Ram's onboard technology, from its full mobile connectivity to vehicle-based apps that "ease the pain of towing and hauling."

Ram's powertrain, especially its low-end torque, engine options, and toughness, also contributed to its "Truck of the Year" win, according to MotorTrend.

We at Arizona Chrysler Dodge Ram are proud to represent the Ram brand, not only for its "Truck of the Year" award but also because of the way it serves our customers in Snowflake.

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