It seems like a real "one-owner car" is getting hard to find these days. Some car dealers might tell you that a car is "one owner" or they are "pretty sure" it's one-owner, but you have no way of really knowing. But you don't have that problem when you get a CARFAX® Certified One Owner car at Arizona Motors Snowflake in Snowflake, AZ. In that case, the car, truck or SUV will be certified by the trusted experts at CARFAX to have just one owner.

A CARFAX® Certified One Owner may have had a more consistent driving style

Every different driver a car has can actually contribute to the process of shortening a vehicle's life. The reason: While some people will drive a car as if a cop is in the back seat watching, many drivers treat their cars like a plaything and push it hard. Some drivers will keep their foot on the accelerator – and sometimes the other foot on the brake pedal. Hard starts and stops can be rough on a car's major components like the engine and transmission.

When the internal components of a car, truck or SUV have to repeatedly respond to an aggressive driver, those components may begin to wear out prematurely – or even develop some kind of mechanical issues over time. By contrast, with a CARFAX® One Owner car, there's less chance that the chain of ownership included a bad driver since there was probably only one driver. That can be a good thing for that vehicle – and for you.

CARFAX® gives you a good look at a vehicle's maintenance history

Before you buy a pre-owned car, it helps to see if the car received the regular, factory-recommended maintenance that can help a car last longer and perform better. While CARFAX® can't necessarily tell buyers from Winslow and Holbrook, AZ about every maintenance service a vehicle has had, the CARFAX Vehicle History Report can show you the services that were reported to CARFAX and that gives you a better picture of a used car.

When a car is a CARFAX® One Owner, if that owner believed in regular maintenance, then you are more likely to be getting a vehicle with the consistent, factory-recommended service that can be the key to longer vehicle life. With a CARFAX® One Owner model, a conscientious owner is likely to have done the regular oil and filter changes, the regular battery and brake checks, the vital fluid checks that can help a vehicle last longer.

Some CARFAX® One Owner models have the benefits of being leased

A car with just one owner might have been leased in its previous life, including a CARFAX® One Owner model. That's good for you because leased vehicles usually receive regular factory-recommended maintenance as part of their lease contract. What's more, lease agreements limit the number of miles that leased vehicles can be driven to avoid an excess mileage charge, so a one-owner car that's been leased is likely to have had good care.

A CARFAX® One Owner car can be an investment in peace of mind

While a CARFAX® One Owner model might have a little higher price tag, that's because CARFAX knows how to build in the true value of a car based in part on the fact that one-owner cars often last long and are worth more. Look for the CARFAX® One Owner models in our inventory and schedule a test drive soon at Arizona Motors Snowflake, not far from Gallup, NM and Flagstaff, AZ in Snowflake, AZ.

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